Buying a house in the Netherlands is a difficult process and it is good to go through it under the supervision of specialists.
We are with you from A to Z, all in Polish and more!
- calculation of creditworthiness,
- choosing a mortgage suited to your options,
- selection of an insurance package,
- notary,
- sworn translator while signing notarial deeds,
- selection or transfer of media suppliers,
- settlement at Belastingdienst of part of the costs you will incur when buying a house.

Would you like to know your creditworthiness to buy a house in the Netherlands?
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The following documents:
- a certificate of income completed by the employer (form in the attachment below),
- salary slips for the last 3 months (salaris),
- jaaropgave from the last three years,
- employment contract.
- information whether you have loans, debit etc. in the Netherlands, and if so, where and for what amounts were they included?
- a copy of an identity document,
Our mortgage advisor will calculate your ability absolutely for free!

Do not hesitate, make your dream come true and protect yourself and your family. Don't pay for rent, but for your house!
This pays off!